Sony NEX-5

Published November 14, 2013 by lizzybeth

So, I love photography.  I’ve had several digital cameras, but never a really good one.  I recently decided I was going to buy myself a good one.  I wanted something with interchangeable lenses, but after lots of research finally concluded that at this point I didn’t need a true DSLR.  After LOTS of research and shopping, I decided on the Sony NEX-5.  The purchase turned out wonderful.  I was shopping at Best Buy for like the 10th time.  I saw they had the Sony NEX-3 out, but not the NEX-5.  So I approached a saleswoman and asked if they had the NEX-5.  She said they did and got it out for me to see.  Well, turns out she’s a photography buff and OWNS the NEX-5.  Perfect!  So she was really nice and spent a ton of time with me telling me all about it.  She talked me into it within 10 minutes.  I have not yet learned all the features or explored much, but it has an Intelligent Auto function that is AMAZING!  I mean, truly fucking amazing.  It knows what to do in almost any situation. So my cousin got married on November 2, 2013 in Grafton, Vermont.  It was the first time I really used the camera.  We got really lucky weather-wise.  I mean, early November you could have any kind of weather in Vermont.  The Saturday of the wedding, which didn’t start until 4pm, was about 63 degrees – a record high for the area.  My boyfriend, mom, aunt & uncle and I went on a hike that was simply stunning.  Great weather and great scenery – can’t beat that!  So I just wanted to put out my initial review of the camera and show you all some photos.  I hope you’re as impressed with their quality as I was.

The Grafton Inn, where we stayed. Lovely bed & breakfast.

A rest stop on the way from Hartford, CT to Grafton, VT. The most gorgeous rest top I’ve ever been to!

The beginning of our hike on Saturday.

Grafton Ponds at the end of the hike. So beautiful. And the pond acted as a mirror for the trees and buildings, making for great photos!



A really cool covered bridge towards the end of our hike.

Friday night bonfire.

Me holding a lamb at the lamb barn!

A quick trip to the Vermont Country Store.

The happy couple entering the reception.

So, I’m very pleased with my new purchase.  Stay tuned for further updates and pictures!


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