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Published November 13, 2013 by lizzybeth

OK, I’ll start here because….well, this shit’s been in the news a lot, and it’s been such an EPIC FAIL that I have to say something about it.  I’ll start out by saying yeah, I voted for Obama.  Twice.  I did.  I will say that it wasn’t necessarily because I loved the guy, but because there weren’t any viable alternatives that I felt would be any better.  And while I definitely align more closely with the Democratic party, I’m not a staunch D, though a lot of the ideals of the GOP do REALLY turn me off (can you say KEN CUCCINELLI anyone???).  But enough about my political beliefs, suffice it to say that I don’t affiliate myself with any party in particular, even though I did vote for Obama.  And I will say I’m just a weeeeee bit embarrassed to admit that these days, but whatever.  So, Obummacare.

Where to start.  I am very interested in healthcare as a whole and have done a decent amount of reading and research into the industry in general, so I can say that there is NO DOUBT that the current system needs to change.  That being said, I also feel that it’s been allowed to get sooooooooooo out of hand that “reform” at this point is damn near impossible.  There is so much wrong that it’s impossible to come up with a solution that could truly reform the system and work.  But hey, I know “they” gotta try so I can’t fault them for that.  What I CAN and DO fault, however, is Obama’s campaign regarding healthcare, where he pretty much fed us a big, fat, steaming load of bullshit.  “You’ll be able to keep your plan if you like it.”  “You’ll be able to keep your doctor.”  “Your premiums will go DOWN!”  How many times did we all hear those phrases?  And what’s happened over the past month or so?  They’ve ALL been proven completely false (in most cases).

First, pretty much no one can keep their plan, because guess what, all plans have to conform to some arbitrary shit Obama thought up, and nearly none of the existing plans do.  I mean, c’mon.  I’m a childless woman, but I have to have a plan that includes healthcare for children.  What about my boyfriend, who is…you guessed it…MALE, and he has to have a plan that contains maternity coverage.  WHAT???  How does this make sense?  So no, we don’t get to keep our plan.  Here’s an article where Bill Clinton calls out to Obama to honor his promise that people can keep their coverage.  I think this is most likely Bill just distancing himself from the Pres in preparation for Hillary’s run for the White House, but interesting nonetheless.  Here’s another one where Diane Feinstein calls for changes to Obummercare.  In my opinion it’s too late to change anything (and by the way, the Pres can’t just decide to make a change and it’s done – it’s not that easy), but I find it interesting that big political figures are seemingly as outraged as we, the general public.

How about keeping our doctor?  That much isn’t exactly known yet, but the answer can pretty well be predicted, and it’s a NO!  That really sucks, especially for people like me who have chronic health issues and have been with their doctors for years.  Now, all of sudden, because I’m forced to buy a plan that my doctor may or may not participate in, I’m forced to either stay with my doctor and pay out of pocket, or find a new doctor.  That SUX!

Oh, and let’s talk about the “your plan will cost you less” thing.  REALLY?  Because so far from what I’ve seen, all the plans on the exchanges that are in line with what I’m currently paying for my plan have deductibles.  And not small ones.  No, I’m talking $5,000 and up deductibles.  For someone like me, this sucks because I most likely WILL use enough healthcare to have to meet that deductible and then some.  Oh, and guess what, once I meet the deductible, I’ll STILL be on the hook for 10-30% of the charges after that!  And it sucks for the majority of young, healthy people who will likely never come close to utilizing enough healthcare to meet that deductible.  So they’re essentially paying out of pocket.  The ONLY positive for this group is if they have a major illness/injury and/or long hospitalization, that will be the only time they get to utilize one penny of “insurance.”  So it’s basically catastrophic coverage, but at a much higher price point.  See this article, which talks a little about the plan requirements, difference in prices and ability to keep your old plan.  Oh, and these are staunch Obama supporters complaining!  And now Obama is apologizing and saying he will try to fix things for people whose new plans end up costing them more than their old ones and who don’t qualify for subsidies.  Yeah, too little too late and, by the way, I’ll believe it when I see it, cuz unfortunately Obummer’s words don’t mean shit to me any more.

Yeah, I could go on forever on this topic, but I’ll stop now.  I’m sure I’ll have more to say on this topic in the future, so fear not – you’ll hear more from me on the wonderful Obummercare!  But for tonight I will leave you with this – this one definitely got an eye roll from me when I read it.  They have now decided to change the definition of an “enrollee” to someone who has purchased a plan, OR who has a plan sitting in their shopping cart but has not yet paid.  I mean, c’mon.  That’s about as batently playing with the numbers as you can get.  Gotta love the government.  This is one reason I really don’t believe ANY “statistics” these days.

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