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Umm, Are You Listening???

Published November 19, 2013 by lizzybeth

I get LOTS of phone calls from solicitors and just “junk” calls at work, but this one took the cake.  Oh, and BTW, “Microsoft” had called once before when our IT guy was here and I asked him if it was legit.  He told me no, never, Microsoft would never be calling me.  So I knew that this was a scam from the start of the call.

Mrs. Microsoft: “Hello, I am calling from Microsoft and there is a problem with your computer.”

Me (knowing this is a BS call): “You’ll have to speak to the business owner.  I can take a message and have him call you back.”

Mrs. Microsoft: “Oh, well, you use the computer too, right?”

Me: “No.”  (100% lie)

Mrs. Microsoft: “You don’t use a computer at all?”

Me: “Nope.”

Mrs. Microsoft: “So who uses the computer?”

Me: “My boss.  The business owner.  So you would have to talk to him about the computer.”

Mrs. Microsoft: “You don’t ever use the computer?”

Me: “No.”

Mrs. Microsoft: “Ok, well the reason I’m calling is, when you go online and you check social media, or play video games, or check email……..”

Really?  REALLY???  Did you listen to a word I said?  I was just trying to have some fun with her, but man, by the end of that call I wanted to reach through the phone line and choke the bitch.

I would love to hear others’ stories of telemarketing or sales or other “bunk” calls and if you do anything to try to “have some fun” with those on the other end of the line…

Hope everyone is having a great day!

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